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Good Hope RetreatKentucky P.A., Cave district, - Savanna la Mar
Phone: +1 876-391-3775
Phone: +1 876-855-8963

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Good Hope Retreat is a private artists retreat now open to the public. It consists of three extraordinary hand-crafted wood, island cabin-style houses on an estate of four acres, situated majestically in the high Mountains of Westmoreland, Jamaica.
Our retreat is off-the-beaten track, amid lush vegetation, with our Jamaican hills overlooking the island's South Coast.
Our sunset from this vantage point, 700 meters (2100 feet) above sea level, is an exclusive nightly spectacle of beauty. Cool evenings and warm but moderate daytime temperatures, individuals with heightened appreciations of natural wonders and phenomenon will be inspired to no end by all that is to be found and re-discovered in the rural tradition of Good Hope Retreat.
The photographs throughout this website taken recently for our first website, are captured moments of Good Hope and what is to be found here. If the photos connect with you, then perhaps you too will discover for yourself: Good Hope Retreat is a place you can belong.
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